About Spectrum Print Group

Spectrum PrintGroup was formed in California in 1985 and included a catalog business through Stafford Catalog, a box and slipcase business working with Old Dominion Box Co, and a growing book manufacturing business with Braun-Brumfield of Ann Arbor, MI.

The company diversified in the mid-1990’s and established a partnership with Friesens of Altona, Manitoba, Canada for domestic printing/packaging solutions and relationships with a number of overseas manufacturers. Today our overseas print solutions reside primarily with Huaxin Printing of Shenzhen.

The core of Spectrum PrintGroup includes Duncan McCallum and Elise Gochberg. Between them, they share over 50 years of graphic arts and graphic communications experience. They have each attended and completed their Bachelor degrees at top schools in the United States for graphic arts and general business training including Western Michigan University and San Diego State University. Duncan earned his MBA from San Francisco State University.

It is our long-term dedication to this industry and years of experience that helps to ensure that they will work with you with the utmost integrity while keeping in mind the long-term results necessary for your growth and success.

Spectrum Printgroup Is