Elise Gochberg ~ Business Development Manager


Elise Gochberg
Business Development Manager
Spectrum PrintGroup

Elise Gochberg has been involved in the print manufacturing industry for over 16 years before joining Spectrum PrintGroup and Friesens as our new West Coast Senior Account Representative. Elise began her career armed with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from San Diego State University and spent her early professional years involved in the customer service industry and as a production manager for a local magazine.

 It was a natural transition and, she feels, the best and most significant decision of her professional life when she joined a reputable book manufacturer in 1995 for her first role as a print sales representative. Since that first job in printing, she has worked with some of the best printers in the industry and has a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation which is based on loyalty, trust, and enthusiasm for her clients and the companies she represents.

Recently, Elise rejoined the team at Publishing Professionals Network (now known as PPN and formally known as BBW) after working on the Board of Directors of Bookbuilders West for over 8 years. She credits much of her reputation, knowledge, and fun in the industry to this great group of colleagues. And, she is proud and honored to have been presented with the 2011 Distinguished Service Award from this prestigious organization (although, she is much too young to be a DSA officially).

Elise is a transplant from the East Coast originally but has now been a long time 30+ year resident of beautiful Marin County. She takes pride in being a Bay Area resident and highly values serving her West Coast clients to the best of her ability and beyond. She strives to be a print consultant to her clients helping them to meet and exceed their goals while always being a valuable partner in their business.

Elise is a dedicated San Francisco Giants fan and very much values her quality time with her family and friends and enjoys travel, practicing yoga and is an avid skier, bike rider and hiker.