Color Management

What is The Difference Between RGB & CMYK?

The primary colors of red, green and blue are used for creating color in monitors and scanners. CMYK , or cyan, magenta, yellow and black are the four process colors used in printing to create color images.  All RGB color images need to be converted to CMYK color images for printing purposes.

What Is an ICC Profile?

An ICC (International Color Consortium) Profile is the established set of profiles that define the key characteristics for monitors, scanners, and proofing systems as well as paper and press equipment that will produce the printed product.  One of the more common profiles used today is GRACoL.  More information regarding GRACoL can be found at their website:

What Is a Printer Profile?

A Printer Profile is the ICC profile used for a specific printing press.

What Is Stochastic Printing?

Stochastic screening is a process of representing a continuous tone image by converting to a random pattern instead of the traditional rosette dot pattern of 4 color printing.