Paper Stock

What is Meant by GSM & Basis Weight?

GSM is grams per square meter and is the weight measure used for designating paper weight in all countries outside of North America. Basis Weight is the term used for North American paper weights and refers to the weight in pounds of 500 sheets of paper cut to the basic parent size sheet


Typical paper equivalents between basis weight and gsm for text papers include 50lb/75 gsm, 60lb/90 gsm, 70lb/105 gsm, 80 lb/128 gsm, 100lb/157 gsm. For cover stocks, the equivalents include 10pt/210 gsm, 12pt/ 260 gsm, 15pt/310 gsm.

Should I Be Concerned About Grain Direction?

Yes. The grain direction is determined by how the fibers become aligned during manufacturing the paper and how it is folded during the printing process.  Grain direction is critical to folding and how well a book will lay flat when it is opened.  Whenever possible, folding should be “with the grain”, or parallel to the spine of the book.

What is The Thickness of The Paper?

Referred to as the caliper or ppi (pages per inch). Caliper is measured in millimeters. For ppi, a paper with 400 ppi implies that a 400 page book using that text stock will be one inch thick.

What is Woodfree Paper?

Woodfree paper contains no lignin and is an overseas term used to describe uncoated paper.

What is Acid-Free Paper?

Acid-free paper has a neutral PH and is made from pulp containing no acid. Almost all book papers are now acid free.

What is Considered “Green”?

There are a number of organizations now that monitor paper making and the forests from where pulp is derived. The most common include the Forest Stewardship Council, the Green Press Initiative, and the SmartWood/Rainforest Alliance One of the many functions of the Smartwood/Rainforest Alliance is that it acts as an FSC certifier. The Green Press Initiative was formed to “advance sustainable patterns of production and consumption within the U.S. book and newspaper industries and within the paper industry at large.” The Forest Stewardship Council provides certification indicating that a book has been produced utilizing a fully FSC certified manufacturing chain (including the printer and the publisher) that is in keeping with the stringent FSC environmental standards for sustainability. Both of our manufacturing partners, Friesens and Huaxin, are FSC certified.