Shipping Terminology

The most common shipping terms that we use with our manufacturing partners are listed below.  Although there are many other shipping terms with similar or multiple meanings, these are the terms that we use for both domestic and overseas shipping:

CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)

CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) – This term is used for overseas shipments. CIF quotes will include delivery to a destination port only. The costs do not include customs, terminal charges or final delivery. For example, CIF port of Los Angeles means the freight is paid to the port. Customs clearance fees and local delivery charges to the final destination in the Los Angeles area will still apply.

FOB (Freight on Board)

This term is used for shipments from Friesens. FOB plant means freight is not included in the base cost of the quote.  FOB destination means the freight is fully paid to the final destination listed. For example, FOB Nashville, TN means that the cost for delivery to the warehouse in Nashville, TN is included in the base estimate.

Pallet Jack/Lift Gate Requirement

FOB freight costs from Friesens and FIS costs from Huaxin include delivery to a warehouse that can accept a semi-trailer.  Shipments that require a pallet jack and lift gate have to be interlined with a carrier that has this equipment and will incur additional costs for this service.

FIS (Freight, Insurance and Shipping)

This term is used with overseas shipping from Huaxin.  This cost includes door-to-door delivery to the warehouse of final destination.