Working with Spectrum PrintGroup

What is Your Minimum Print Run?

Our minimum print run is generally 500 copies. Friesens has digital print capabilities using the Xerox Xeicon platform and can print as few as 100 copies.

What are Your Standard Turnaround Times?

Domestic turnaround time (Friesens) is typically 4-6 weeks plus shipping. Shipping times can vary depending on the final destination but will average 3-5 working days. The fall season is the busiest and schedules can be extended from August-December.

Our overseas (Huaxin) production cycle is 2-3 months for the door to door delivery, depending on the final shipping destination (shipments to the Western U.S. will deliver a full week earlier than those to the Eastern U.S.). High season for overseas production is mid-summer through fall.
Commercial projects, such as catalogs, placed through Spectrum Printing, LLC usually print, bind, and ship in one to two weeks.

What are Your Standard Signature Breaks?

With the exception of certain odd trim sizes, the page count of your book should be divisible by eight, 16, or 32 pages. Friesen’s black and white textbooks run in 48-page signature configurations on a large format Timson press for 6 x 9” and 5.5 x 8.5” trim sizes.

What are Your Payment Terms?

Standard terms are Net 30 days for Friesens and Net 60 days for Huaxin. First-time jobs usually require 50% payment to start the job with the balance due upon proof approval (Friesens) or when the books are completed (Huaxin). We are happy to review a credit application to establish terms, whether for the first title or subsequent titles. We accept check payments and Friesens accepts all major credit cards with the exception of American Express.

Do You Have Book Designers or Graphic Artists on Staff?

Spectrum PrintGroup manages your project once it is print ready. But, we have a number of designers that we recommend including:


Amy Inouye ~ Future Studio

5558 N. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042-4120

P: (323) 254-4565F: (323) 254-2010E:


Scott Idleman ~ Blink

835 Kansas Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

P: (415) 875-9211E: ~


Kristina Kachele ~ Kristina Kachele Design, LLC

926 Adams NE, Albuquerque, NM  87110

P: (505) 977 3767E:


Robert Marcus ~ Robert Marcus Graphics

1691 Burnside Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472

P: (707) 829 2572 • F: (707) 317 0084 •


Terri Wright ~ Terri Wright Design

2969 Valencia Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

P: (805) 682 6639 • F: (805) 682 9223 • E:

What are The Trade Customs/Industry Standards?

Standard Industry Trade Customs are provided in this PIA (Printing Industries of America) pdf document.